University Placement Service

You have finished school? You made your secondary school certificate? But what are you doing now?

Studying in Germany!?!
Good idea! Why?

In Germany there are more than 300 universities and universities of applied science and several thousand subjects to study, so that there will a good choice for each „flavor“, for each talent, for each aim. The universities in Germany are free of fees although they all have high quality and high reputation. This reputation is a door opener for you: in your home country, in the German economy which is still prospering and searching for qualified staff as well as all over the world.


Among such a big number of choices and chances in quite a complex and complicated system of German federal education systems it is not so easy to find the right choice: Are there only the big and famous universities the right ones? What about my chances to get a place there? Do I fulfill the requirements? What about my German knowledge? What documents do I need?

What do we offer?

To prevent that you are lost among these questions and information we do offer our University Placement Service*):

  • We check your documents if they are complete.
  • We check if you have direct access to German universities or if you need a foundation year („Studienkolleg“)
  • We check if your German knowledge is good enough for studying at a German university and we are building your individual pathway. We will consult you about how, when and where you can learn the missing German. We are independent, so we will consult you about learning in you home country, in a German language school (we can recommend high quality schools to you) or at a university, etc.
  • We contact the chosen universities to clarify details for you, if necessary.
  • We prepare up to 3 university applicants for you, we take care that these are correct, complete and punctual at the universities.

What do you have to do?

  • You have to book our University Placement Service with our online booking program  and you have to pay the invoice about 900,– € either directly via credit card or via bank transfer.
  • Additionally you have to complete the special enrollment form for University Placement Service.

You have to send the following documents (first via scan, later as hard copy 3 times):

  • Complete and signed CV
  • Passport photos
  • Copy of passport
  • Notarized copies from you secondary school certificate (original language + translation in German or English).
  • Notarized copies from your university entrance test, if available (original language + translation in German or English).
  • Notarized copies: proof of completed semesters at an university, if available (original language + translation in German or English)
  • proof of internships and/or work experience

*) Please note: We can not guarantee places at certain cities or certain universities. We also can not do placements for master program and/or for PhD-programs.

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