General Terms & Conditions

Subsequently you fill find the general terms and conditions of „Learn&Study – German4Juniors – Alexander Henrich“, Rosenstraße 24, 35767 Breitscheid, Germany (International VAT Register Number: DE226256912) – These business conditions are the contractual basis of the cooperation with all all official national and international representatives of „Learn&Study“ as well as contracts and bookings from individual clients. Unless there are other written agreements, the following general terms and business conditions fully apply to all our business partners.

Acknowledgment and agreement
With the enrollment of an individual client as well as a group of clients you confirm the acknowledgment and agree with the general terms and conditions of „Learn&Study“ as described in the following. An enrollment is binding when received by us. The contract, however, is only effective after the enrollment has been confirmed in writing by „Learn&Study“.

1 Conditions of Enrollment
1.1 Our enrollment form can be found under our website. For booking the online program has to be used, in any case the additional parental declaration has to be filled in and to be signed. Bookings for minor students that are not accompanied by this so-called parental declaration, cannot be accepted. Please also note that the reservation for participants is only fixed when the full payment is done. Please do the payment either by bank transfer to the bank account of “Learn&Study” that you will find under point 2.4 Bank details. You can do the payment also via credit card, directly with booking in our online booking program.

1.2 After having received all enrollment details including parents declaration you will receive booking confirmation as well the invoice. While doing the booking directly with our online booking program you will receive all documents automatically, otherwise we will prepare this for you after your booking in a written form. If you wish, we may also send you the documents by mail or fax. In urgent cases, we can post all documents through Express Mail Service (DHL or UPS) for extra charge of 70,– € approx. Fees depend on fare zone.

1.3 Changes of booking can be made free of charge only in case of upgrading a booked service, for example changing to a higher number of weeks. Changes of booking resulting in a downgrade of the originally booked services can be made until 4 weeks prior to the course stat at an administration fee of 50,– €. If changes of bookings are made at later than 4 weeks prior to the booked course start, we reserve the right to charge a higher administration fee.

1.4 Cancellations of services made in advance have to be submitted in writing. Until 4 weeks prior to the course start the administration fee will be 50,–. After that, and until 2 weeks prior to the course start, we will charge an administration fee of 150,– €. For all cancellations during the remaining 14 days prior to the course start we will charge an administration fee of 300,– €. Irrespective of the time the cancellation is received, “Learn&Study” reserves the right to invoice the fees for booked services for accommodation and/or board in addition to the administration fee, either in part or to the full extent. If participants do not show up at the course start, the full amount of the course and accommodation as well as all additional services have to be paid. Also if a participant stops participating in the course or cancels after course start the full course, accommodation and service fees has to be paid. The law governing termination for grave cause remains unaffected by these conditions of cancellation.

1.5 The right of cancellation for grave cause, for instance in case of an acute health problem, an accident or death of relatives, is not affected by the terms of cancellation of “Learn&Study”. In any case we need reliable proof such as a certificate issued by a doctor or public authority. Adequate reasons for refund given, “Learn&Study” will refund all fees less the bank charges to the person, institution or agency that made payment to “Learn&Study” beforehand.

2 Conditions of payment

2.1 The prices for courses and other services are always valid for the mentioned period and year on our website.

2.2 All “Learn&Study” courses are exempt of VAT (value added tax). For services liable to VAT the taxes are already included in the published prices.

2.3 All invoices will be made out in EURO (€) and have to be settled in this currency. The full payment for all items booked (package prices for residence courses and additional services) must be credited to “Learn&Study” latest 2 weeks after receiving the invoice but latest 4 weeks before the course starts. Please make payments into the account mentioned under 2.4 Bank details. Payments with credit cards can be accepted only if you do the payment directly with booking with our online booking program. Please note that bank charges in connection with payments must be borne by the client or will, if necessary, be invoiced on arrival of the participant. Please understand that confirmations and invitation letters for visa application purposes will only be made available on receipt of the total invoice amount on our bank account.

2.4 Please make all payments by bank transfer into the following account stating invoice number and name of participants:

Beneficiary: Alexander Henrich “Learn&Study”
Credit institution: Volksbank Dill eG
Account number: 209 284 09
Bank code (BLZ): 516 900 00
IBAN: DE84 5169 0000 0020 92 84 09

3 Arrival – Accommodation – Excursions – University Placement Service

3.1 Generally all participants need a passport (or identification card) valid for the total time of their stay in Germany. If an identification card or a passport expires during the stay at “Learn&Study” according to law the participant has to leave the country. “Learn&Study” assumes no liability and does not refund already booked courses that can not be attended because of an invalid identification card or passport. Participants from member states of the European Union only need a valid identity card for traveling to Germany. Participants from Non-European Union countries may need a visa. Please contact the German embassy or consulate in your country for more information on the current visa requirements.

3.2 As soon as you have enrolled a participant in writing or through our online booking program you are going to receive, in addition to the confirmation of registration an invoice. We kindly ask you to pay the full amount for the booked package and additional services via bank transfer onto the bank account from “Learn&Study” (see 2.4) or directly via credit card during the enrollment process with our online booking program. After having received full payment, we are going to send you along with the confirmation of payment a letter of invitation. Upon request we can send you the visa documents for an extra charge of approx. 70,– € via express mail. Please consider that the visa application process may take some time.

3.3 As we are obliged by the German authorities to acknowledge receipt of the total invoice amount, we can send you the letter of invitation only after having received full payment. Please obtain all information on visa regulations directly at the German embassy or a German consulate in your country. “Learn&Study” is not responsible for the visa application. In case the application is rejected “Learn&Study” will retain a handling fee of 200,– € in order to cover administration costs for issuing the visa documents. We kindly ask you to inform us as soon as your visa is issued, delayed or rejected. Please note that we can only refund charges when the rejection of a visa is verified by an official notification.

3.4 Residence Courses are available in Darmstadt, Cologne, Mannheim and Stuttgart. At all destinations the bathrooms are ensuite. The accommodation is in double, triple or 4-bed-rooms. Check-in on Sundays must take place between 10.00 am and 4.00 pm. Full board starts with the dinner on the day of arrival (Sunday) and ends with the breakfast on the day of departure (Saturday).

3.5 All offered airport transfers are shuttle services, so there might be some time of waiting for the next shuttle. We try to minimize these times. Please note that we need all flight details (flight number, arrival and departure time, departure airport) latest 2 weeks before arrival. The so called “unattended minor service” can also only be offered if this is booked and announced latest 2 weeks before arrival.

3.6 Please note that the offered prices for airport transfers are only valid for the times from 8.00 am till 8.00 pm (Sundays arrival and Saturdays departure). Other times might cause higher costs, we have to invoice to you.

3.7 In all Summer Residence Courses the offered organized leisure time activities are in included in the price. This means: activities each afternoon and each evening, 1 full day excursion on Saturday (for those who do not depart this day). German lessons take part in the morning from Monday till Friday.

3.8 For those who book the university placement service this rules are also remaining: In the case of unsuccessful placement at the initial university, a maximum of two further attempts at other universities will be undertaken. If all three placement attempts fail, due in no part of the fault of the participant, the service fee for placement, less an expense of 400,– € will be fully refunded. If the basis for the placement failure can be attributed to actions resulting from the participant´s behavior (e. g. incomplete application materials, a change in the desired course of study, etc.) no refund will be given.

4 Liability and miscellaneous

4.1 A booking for under age participants requires a written agreement signed by their parents or guardians. “Learn&Study” does not take responsibility and care responsibility for underage participants. Especially employees, guides, and all other co-workers of “Learn&Study” cannot accept full responsibility for under age participants. The responsibility of “Learn&Study” is limited to inform the legal guardians if the behavior of a participant gives reason to be worried. Only participants of good health can be accepted.

4.2 An undisputable behavior towards the hosts, co-residents, class mates and all employees of “Learn&Study” as well as the attentive treatment of equipment in our residences should be regarded as a matter of course. In case of strong violation of general rules, school and house rules or German laws “Learn&Study” reserves the right to terminate the contract without notice. In the case of undisciplined behavior, violation of school or house rules as well as in case of contravention (e. g. theft) participants or their legal guardians (in case of under aged participants) have to bear the full costs caused by the discontinuation of the course, accommodation and early departure. “Learn&Study” will not refund for expenses in this case.

4.3 With conclusion of this contract the participant agrees to accept the “Learn&Study” school and house rules. The rules determine that all participants treat the equipment of our residences with due care. Any damage caused by intention or negligence of participants will be charged to these participants. They are directly liable for damages towards the aggrieved party. Participants have to furnish a security deposit of 50,– €. The deposit will be withheld only in case of damage. If the damage exceeds the security deposit, additional compensation is charged. If there is no damage caused the deposit is paid back at the end of the course. If the deposit hadn´t been transferred in advance, it will be collected at the students´ arrival.

4.4 Included in our package prices for Residence Courses is a health insurance. The insurance coverage is valid during the participants stay in Germany. On request we will gladly inform you, which benefits are included.

4.5 All complaints and afflictions of participants have to be reported to “Learn&Study” during the participants stay in Germany. Only then it is possible to provide timely solutions of problems related to tuition, accommodation etc.

4.6 For any injury to a participant´s life, body or health, “Learn&Study” can only be held liable if this due to the fault of “Learn&Study”. For any damage or injury caused by a participant, the participant is directly and immediately liable towards the aggrieved party. “Learn&Study” may have recourse in case of being held responsible for any damage or injury caused by a participant. “Learn&Study” does not take responsibility for minor participants. A written agreement signed by the parents or guardians (parental declaration) is required for the booking of all minor participants. “Learn&Study” is not liable for the loss or theft of any personal belongings of the participants.

4.7 “Learn&Study” allows its partners to use its logo as well as company owned graphics and photos in compliance with certain terms and conditions for the use of these materials.

4.8 Prices and scope of contractual services are binding according to the respective description published on our website. However, “Learn&Study” reserves the right to non- detrimental program changes and to revise calculation, printing or all translation errors. A contract is deemed in effect as soon as the enrollment has been confirmed in writing by “Learn&Study”. Any term or condition differing from what is written in this general terms and conditions and published on our website requires a confirmation in writing by “Learn&Study – Alexander Henrich”, Breitscheid in Germany. “Learn&Study” is not liable for non-performance of the contract in the case of force majeure. Place and court of jurisdiction is Dillenburg, Germany. German law applies.

“Learn&Study” – January 2015